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MitoMetabLab Alumni


Dr. Dunham-Snary has been patiently waiting to launch this page of the lab's website! Talented trainees will be added to this section of the lab website upon graduation from Team MitoMetabLab. A number of dedicated, bright trainees have already graduated once and have chosen MitoMetabLab for their graduate studies.


Dr. Dunham-Snary looks forward to adding these students to the Hall of Fame TWICE!


Graduate Alumni


Dr. Dunham-Snary anticipates adding to this section in Summer 2024!


Undergraduate Alumni

Cassandra Braccio | 2022-2023 PHGY 499

Upon graduation from Queen's, Cassandra was accepted to the highly competitive Diagnostic Cardiac Sonography Program at Mohawk College/McMaster University!

Dalia Miller | 2021-2023 LISC 595

Dalia joined the team as a volunteer, remained as a student technician, and then completed a research independent study! Upon graduation, Dalia is taking a short break before returning to MitoMetabLab to pursue her MSc in Translational Medicine.

MitoMetabLab History Note: Dalia was the lab's first employee!

Abhishek Shastry | 2021-2022 PHGY 499

Abhishek identified changes in key metabolic pathways in the skeletal muscle between strains of laboratory mouse and the implications for type II diabetes treatment. Abhi was accepted to the combined BScH/MSc program in Translational Medicine and is pursuing his Master's degree.

Samsara Boots | 2022-2023 Work Study

Sam has been a student employee of the lab since 2022 and upon graduation from Queen's with an undergraduate Biology degree, Sam has joined MitoMetabLab as a DBMS MSc student!

Jennifer Veeneman | 2022-2023 PATH 499

Upon graduation from Queen's, Jennifer is doing some bucket list travelling! Upon her return, she will be starting a new job as a laboratory technician, working with Team MitoMetabLab, and Dr. Jacob Rullo's team in the Dept. of Ophthalmology.

Mia Wilkinson | 2021-2022 PHGY 499

Mia determined tissue-specific changes in gene expression between white adipose tissue depots, and examined the complicated matrix of mitochondrial genetics, white adipose tissue location, and diet. Mia was accepted to the combined BScH/MSc program in Translational Medicine, completed a 'mini-MSc' and now pursuing her PhD!

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