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Laboratory staff: MitoMetabLab will be recruiting technical staff in 2024! Please check back very soon for specifics!


Postdoctoral Fellows: MitoMetabLab is not formally recruiting postdocs at this time. However, interested parties are encouraged to check back here and on the lab's Twitter feed for upcoming positions. Dr. Dunham-Snary reviews every inquiry/application received!


PhD Students: While the lab is not formally recruiting PhD students, interested parties are encouraged to contact Dr. Dunham-Snary regarding upcoming positions. Queen's has a proud tradition of promoting MSc students who demonstrate excellence in research to PhD studies; students interested in direct-entry PhD studies should reach out directly to Dr. Dunham-Snary.


MSc StudentsMitoMetabLab is currently recruiting MSc scholars for opportunities in Translational Medicine (TMED) and Experimental Medicine. The application deadline for TMED has passed, but students with provisional acceptance are strongly encouraged to contact Dr. Dunham-Snary to discuss potential projects; DBMS supports open enrolment.

The lab has capacity for a maximum of three graduate students for 2024-2025; two positions are available.


Undergraduate Students: MitoMetabLab is currently at capacity and thus not recruiting undergraduate scholars at this time. Future recruiting will target undergraduate students interested in cellular and/or molecular biology, life sciences, and other medical and health-related fields to join the MitoMetabLab team. Molecular biology, cell culture, and/or animal research experience are assets, but not required. Please check back here and on the lab's Twitter feed for details regarding upcoming available positions.

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